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Hyundai Santa-Fe

Hyundai have a reputation for making affordable but capable vehicles, and their off-road models are no exception. One of their most popular 4wds is the Santa Fe, a medium-sized crossover type that’s been a huge seller in both Australia and the USA. Like most crossovers it’s an ideal everyday car with a pretty good off road capability thrown in, so if you own a Santa Fe you have a vehicle that will take you to some of Australia’s finest landscapes.

Don’t sling your tent in the back just yet though. Most Santa Fe owners will never go further off road than a picnic site and Hyundai know that, so that’s what the cars are set up for when they leave the factory. If you’re planning to hit the Outback you’ll need a few extra bits of gear to keep you going and let you camp in comfort. That’s where Tough Toys come in, because we have exactly the kit you’re looking for.

The Santa Fe has a pretty good toolkit but it’s aimed at changing a tyre beside the road. If you’re trying to pull yourself out of deep sand it won’t get you very far, so you’ll need to load some proper recovery kit – sand tracks and a snatch strap with shackles, at least, and we’d recommend an exhaust jack too – they’re great for getting out of soft ground.

One advantage of a crossover is it lets you travel the bush in car-like comfort, but the price for that is less load-carrying space. To make up for that you’re probably going to need a roof rack or bars and that will also let you fit an awning. You can’t beat our Tough awnings when you want a large, comfortable camping shelter, and they’re dead easy to mount on any rack or bars.

Because you’ll be using your Santa Fe as a normal car most of the time you probably don’t want to get the interior messed up, but it’s not always easy to stay clean when you’re off road – especially if you’re ploughing along muddy tracks. Sooner or later you’re going to have to get out, and when you get back in you’ll bring mud with you. Save your carpets with Mean Mother deep dish floor mats, and use our own seat organisers to stop small gear rattling around and bashing into stuff.

Equip a Santa Fe with the right gear and you’ll be able to go almost anywhere you want. Hyundai’s modern transmissions give you a lot of performance to play with and it’s a fun vehicle to drive. In fact it’s way too much fun to be wasted on the road. Get out there!

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