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Hyundai Terracan

Hyundai have built up a reputation for making solid off-road vehicles at an affordable price, and the Terracan is a perfect example. Built on a variant of the proven Mitsubishi Pajero chassis, it’s a tough mid-sized 4wd with a nice choice of engines – a 3.5 V6 petrol or a 2.9 turbodiesel – and a pretty high level of equipment. It’s comfortable enough to drive to work every day but it’s also got the guts to get out there and cover some rough ground.

Of course like most modern wagons Hyundai expect their vehicles to spend most of their time facing nothing tougher than some muddy parking at a music festival, and the factory equipment tends to reflect that. The standard Terracan toolkit will do fine if you need to change a wheel on a road or solid ground, but when you’re up to the axles in sand it’s not going to be so useful. You can also do a lot to make it a better vehicle for long-range touring just by adding the right accessories. That’s where Tough Toys come in.

Start by sorting out your tools and recovery kit. The standard bottle jack is always handy to have, but if you’re serious about getting off road you need a more serious jack too. We recommend exhaust jacks; they’re the best choice for soft ground because they don’t sink in, and you don’t need to put in some hard work jacking up either – your engine will do that for you.

As well as a jack get yourself a set of decent sand channels; we have a great selection and we’ve tested them all to make sure they work. Throw in a couple of snatch straps and some recovery shackles, too. It’s always nice to know you can haul yourself out of anything.

The Terracan’s pretty spacious, but instead of filling the back with tents why not get one of our huge Tough awnings bolted to your roof bars? Our awnings are the biggest on the market and they now come with an innovative LED lighting system. No more hanging lanterns from the frame – we mount light strips right on the frame, so just set up the awning then plug it in. Sure, the lights might attract a few mozzies, but we also have a great range of nets.

If you’re spending a lot of time off road another bit of kit to consider is a light bar. The Terracan has good headlights, but they’re at the right height to get muddy or diffused by road dust. Fitting one of our high-power LED light bars above the cab will give you a focused spread of light and a great view of the road ahead.

We also have plenty of gear to keep the inside of your Terracan clean – floor mats, organisers, gear bags and more – plus to grade cleaning products for when you do get it dirty. Want to stay in touch with the world while you’re away in the Outback? We have CB radio sets and antennas. In fact if you need it for your Terracan, chances are we have it. Even better, we can deliver it anywhere in Australia at a great price.

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