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Kia have a reputation for building cheap cars that deliver a lot for the price, and that certainly describes their 4wd SUV models. Well equipped and modern crossover-style vehicles, the current Kias are a great choice if you're looking for an affordable off road vehicle for touring or just knocking about and having some fun. The low prices mean you should have some cash left over for accessories, too, so you can add on a lot of capability for a pretty modest budget. At Tough Toys we only sell the best 4wd gear, but we keep our prices low too, so if you want to turn your Kia into something really special we're your best option.

We have a wide range of top quality equipment covering just about everything you could possibly need for your Kia. Starting with the basics, if you want to do any serious off road driving you need to face the inevitable – sometimes you're going to get stuck. It happens to everyone, but you need to be able to get yourself moving again and for that you need the right gear. We have it, so you can fit yourself out with straps, shackles and recovery tracks. We recommend that every off roader should have an exhaust jack too – they make it much easier to change wheels or lift one end of your vehicle out of a hole.

Your tyres are maybe the most important part of your Kia when you're off road. They need to be well maintained and at the right pressure for the ground you're crossing, or you're going to have problems. At a minimum you should carry a good repair kit, and we think it's a good idea to have a compact compressor and a set of deflators as well. That way you can vary tyre pressures whenever you need to. If you're driving around soft sand or mud you'll really appreciate the flexibility that gives you. You won't get stuck as much, either.

A big part of 4wd touring is the pleasure of relaxing in your camp at the end of the day, and we can help you make sure it's a comfortable one. Our top class Tough awnings now have built in LED lighting, which saves you having lanterns or flashlights hanging around. We stock water containers and filter systems as well, so you'll always have enough to drink. If you enjoy a cold bottle or two when you stop for the night, one of our compact Bushpower fridges is a great investment. They run off either vehicle or mains power and come in three sizes, from 30 to 60 litre capacity, so we have one that suits you.

In fact that goes for everything you need to get the best from your Kia; we'll have one that suits you. We're always ready to give advice and we can deliver anywhere in Australia. Team up your Kia with Tough Toys and you've got a winner.

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