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Kia Sportage

If you’re looking for a compact vehicle that can still get dirty off road the Kia Sportage is a great choice. Kia make some affordable but tough 4wds and the Sportage is one of the most fun – especially the old soft-top model. It’s also smart and comfortable enough to use as a family car during the week. Fit it out with the right gear, though, and you can have a good time touring in it.

Before you take a Sportage into the outback one thing we’d suggest you do is throw out the toolkit and get some proper recovery gear in there. One of our exhaust jacks makes it much quicker and safer to change tyres, and you can also use it to lift yourself out of loose sand or mud. Throw in some sand tracks, too – they’re unbeatable if you need to cross a soft patch or dig yourself out.

The Sportage has a nice combination of light weight and gutsy engine, so even though it’s more of a crossover than a full-on off roader it will go pretty much anywhere. You’ll get even better performance if you can adjust your tyre pressures though, so get yourself a deflator – our own Tough one is great, or go for a set of classic Stauns – and a compact compressor. That way you can let out some air when you come to soft ground, and reinflate your tyres when you’re back on harder going.

The Sportage isn’t all that big, so roof bars are a handy accessory for carrying your touring gear. They also make a great base for one of our Tough awnings. With one of those bolted on you can set up a big shelter beside your wagon in minutes, making it idea for camping or just chilling out in the bush. Add a mozzie net or tent set for even more comfort.

The Sportage is a neat little 4wd and we like it a lot. Set it up with the right gear and it’s your ticket to adventure in Australia’s great landscapes. At Tough Toys we have exactly the gear you need, so check out what’s on offer and get ready for some serious off road fun.

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