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We're not going to make any jokes about Porsche drivers, because we've been converted by their Cayenne 4wd. It seems a lot of other people have too because they're planning to expand their off road range. Of course "off road" is kind of a relative term because these are insanely fast and sporty, but they do have a good rough ground capability for anyone who dares to try it and they make a good choice if you fancy doing your touring in a bit of style.

One thing that puts a lot of people off using their Porsche for off road stuff is the thought of damaging it or getting it dirty. If you're careful that's not a big worry though. Good route selection will avoid most things that can scrape you up – don't go down trails with overhanging branches for example, and be careful on rocky ground. You can also get some gear from Tough Toys that will help you keep things in good condition. For example we have deep pan floor mats that keep sand or mud from your boots safely contained, so it won't end up getting ground into your carpets.

Proper recovery equipment is also essential. If you go off road then sometimes you're going to get stuck, and trying to extract yourself without the right gear is a common cause of damage. Using branches or stones to give traction when you're stuck in the mud is effective, but they can get thrown up by the wheels and damage your bodywork. You'll be much better off with some proper recovery tracks like our Treds.

A Porsche lets you travel in style, so why not add some more comfort too? We have Bushpower compact fridges to keep you supplied with cold drinks, a range of awnings that mount easily on your roof bars and plenty other little luxuries to make your camping memorable.

Whatever you're after to improve your touring experience, turn to Tough Toys. We're all keen off roaders and we've used our experience to put together Australia's best range of 4wd accessories. We keep our prices low and we deliver anywhere in the country. Have a look today, and get your Porsche ready for anything.

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