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Porsche Cayenne

When you think of Porsche off-road vehicles probably aren’t the first things that come to mind, but maybe you haven’t seen a Cayenne yet. This is a sporty-looking beast with performance to match – Turbo S versions can hit 275kmh – but it has great off-road ability as well. It’s obviously not cheap, so most owners are pretty reluctant to risk any bumps or scratches, but if you want to get out and explore some trails in comfort a Cayenne will do that just fine. Of course you’ll want to protect the finish and interior as well as you can, so some extra equipment is definitely a good idea.

The Cayenne has enough power that it doesn’t get stuck easily, but the Outback is a tough opponent and if you spend much time out there the odds are you’re going to find yourself bogged eventually. You’ll have a much better chance of getting your pride and joy out unscathed if you have the right recovery kit and don’t need to improvise. At a minimum you need a good set of sand channels to help you drive clear of soft patches, and a snatch strap in case you need to be pulled out. We’d recommend an exhaust jack as well; it’s the easiest way to extract from mud, and a lot less likely to dent or scrape anything than a conventional jack is.

Luxury is one of the Cayenne’s big selling points and you won’t want to mess up the interior with dusty or muddy boots, so think about a set of deep dish floor mats to protect the carpets. Seat tidies help as well, keeping small gear from flying around and bashing into things when you’re crossing rough ground.

The Cayenne isn’t most people’s first choice for an expedition vehicle, so you won’t often see one fitted out with a winch, recovery hooks and a high capacity roof cage, but it is a fun vehicle for heading down a few rugged tracks to see where they lead. Get the right accessories and you can unlock a lot of off-road potential.

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