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Korean manufacturer Ssangyong makes a useful and affordable selection of 4wd wagons and Utes, and the mid-sized Musso is one of the most popular. It’s not produced any more but there are a good number of them around and they make a good, affordable choice for off road driving. Despite its Korean origins they came with a range of powerful and reliable Mercedes engines, so performance was pretty good – a Musso won the 1994 Pharaohs Rally in Egypt, which takes drivers through 3,100km of desert. Even finishing it is a challenge, and winning it proves that the Musso is no lightweight.

Like most modern 4wds, however, most Mussos never go anywhere more challenging than a bumpy car park. Ssangyong fit them out to suit the average buyer, so if you’re planning on using yours for bush touring you’ll need to upgrade a few items. Start with the recovery gear; what comes with it is fine for changing a tyre beside the road, but that’s about it. We’d suggest you get a high rise or exhaust jack to help get yourself out of any holes or soft spots, and some sand tracks to make sure you stay out. At least one snatch strap is essential so you can help anyone else who gets stuck – two is better. If you’re going to be near sand or soft ground we’d recommend a compressor and a good set of tyre deflators too, so you can adjust pressures to suit the terrain. That way you’re a lot less likely to get bogged down.

Off road day trips are fun, but longer ones are even better. Turn your Musso into a real touring machine by fitting roof bars and mounting one of our Tough awnings. These are among the biggest and sturdiest on the market and, with a tent kit or a set of mozzie nets, will quickly unroll into a huge space for you to eat, relax and sleep in. They now come with built-in LED lighting kits too.

Add a touch of luxury to your camps with a Bushpower fridge/freezer. These fit neatly in the back of your vehicle and let you keep beers cold and fresh meat edible. They come in different sizes, so whether you want to carry a few stubbies or a week’s worth of salad there’s one that will suit you.

The Musso is excellent value for the performance it gives you, and it’s definitely worth taking advantage of its off road ability. At Tough Toys we’re all about helping people enjoy the outdoors, and we have the gear you need to get the most from your Ssangyong.

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