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4wd Air Compressors - High Flow To Inflate Your 4x4 Tyres Fast

4wd Air Compressors - High Flow To Inflate Your 4x4 Tyres Fast

If you're going to get the most out of your 4x4 driving off road you need to be carrying the best compressor you can. It's OK doing without in a family car, but hitting the wilderness is a whole different game. You're going to have to adjust your tyre pressures to suit the terrain you're crossing; high pressures give you better control on hard ground, but when you head off onto loose sand or soft mud you need to let some air out to improve your grip. Air's pretty easy to let out; all you need is a set of good deflators, like the classic Staun model, and you can carry those in a pocket. When you get back onto solid ground you're going to have to put it back in, though, and that needs some bigger bits of kit. In fact it needs a compressor.

Any car accessory shop will sell you a dinky little compressor that plugs into the lighter socket. These are fine for standard tyres, but when it comes to off road driving they're pretty much useless. Big, heavy duty tyres need a high air flow to get the pressure up, and those little cheap models can't hack it. They also won't survive very long in a harsh environment like the outback. Sand and dust is great at clogging up equipment, so you need rugged gear designed for reliability and easy maintenance.

That's where our Tough compressor comes in. A solid metal casing shrugs off those inevitable knocks, and cleanable air filters keep dust outside where it belongs. There's thermal overload protection, too, so your compressor will automatically cut out if it gets too hot. When you've just repaired a couple of tyres the last thing you want when reinflating them is for the motor to burn out, but that's not going to happen with ours. There's no messing about with lighter sockets and weedy little motors, either. Heavy duty clamps go right onto your battery terminals to give you all the power you need, and there's a 26 foot hose with built-in gauge to make it easy to reach all your tyres.

The compressor is mounted on a solid base to keep it out of the dirt, and the mounting bolts have rubber grommets to cut vibration. The casing is dust and water resistant, and it works flawlessly from 60 degrees all the way down to a chilly -55. It doesn't matter where you are; this gutsy little unit will do the job.

If you change pressures a lot it's easy to permanently mount the Tough compressor and hard-wire it in. That way you don't even have to open the battery bay and fit the clamps; just get the hose out and fire her up. Whatever option you go for you're going to be the envy of your mates, because you'll be back up to road pressures in no time.

If you want full specs for the Tough compressor here they are:

  • 160LPM Max Air Flow Output
  • 150PSI Max Pressure
  • 8ft power cord with quality battery clamps
  • 26ft coil inflation hose with gauge
  • Sturdy dust and water restistant construction
  • 3 nozzle adaptors for inflatables
  • Brass screw on inflation tip
  • Thermal overload cutout
  • 45 Amp inline fuse
  • 1/3HP oil-less 12v electric motor
  • Rubber vibration feet
  • Built in cleanable air filter
  • Max operating temp 60° C
  • Min operating temp -55° C
  • Can be permanently mounted and hardwired if desired