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Common Mistakes Offroad: Carrying The Wrong Gear

Common Mistakes Offroad: Carrying The Wrong Gear

This is a difficult subject as the “gear” you carry is reliant upon the area you’re travelling in and the number of days you plan on travelling. However, there are a few things you should always carry. We’ve highlighted them in this article.

Recovery Gear

Recovery gear is something we’ve seen a great deal of! You wouldn't believe how many people head out on off road trips without even the most basic recovery gear. When heading out, you must at least have a properly rated snatch strap and rated shackles. These are often found in simple recovery kits like the one sold on Tough Toys.

Winches and other gear are a luxury and may be a requirement if you plan on travelling alone. A shovel is going to be a godsend if you’re stuck by yourself, or even if you need to dig out mud or sand from being ploughed by your diffs and axles.

First Aid Gear

First aid is a critical requirement for any offroad trip. You might’ve planned a quick 1hr offroad excursion but due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be stuck out there for 6 or 7 hours! Many times this will involve a member of your party becoming injured. Should this happen you need to have first aid on hand. Simple first aid kits are available on Tough Toys to cover a range of first aid requirements.

Food & Water

Carrying food and water may seem simple, but you may find yourself out in the bush longer than you expected, and when you do, you’ll wish you’d packed an extra sandwich or that extra litre of water. It’s always a good idea to carry additional food for you and your travelling party. These days sealed packages of simple reheat food are available so you can stick them in the back of the truck and not worry about them for as long as 18 months sometimes!

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