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Common Mistakes Offroad: Overspeed On An Obstacle

Common Mistakes Offroad: Overspeed On An Obstacle

We’ve seen many people attempt obstacles at higher speeds than what they should be doing. It often ends in disaster. Sometimes the ego kicks in, other times it’s adrenaline. When heading offroad, especially with others around, it’s not a race.

Sometimes when you approach an obstacle, a little bit of momentum is required in order to carry the vehicle through the section with the least traction. This is a great way to get past the obstacle with minimal fuss and prevent a recovery.

On the other hand, you’ll find that often you don’t need to approach anywhere near as fast as you might’ve thought. Try taking it a little slower next time and you’ll have a much smoother ride and the vehicle will experience a lot less stress for it.

As a general rule, you only need to go as fast as necessary, and as slow as you can. A fast run through an obstacle will get you great pictures for the cameras however you’ll probably end up breaking something eventually.

Check out this guy breaking his diff on a sand dune.