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Common Mistakes Offroad: Wrong Tyre Pressures

Common Mistakes Offroad: Wrong Tyre Pressures

Tyre pressures are a heavily debated topic amongst 4wd owners. When the time comes to air down tyres the group will pull up and discuss the pressures they’re going to run for the next obstacle. In any case, if you’re airing down, you’re less likely to get stuck.

Airing down the tyres leads to giving the tyre a bigger footprint which is the best thing you can do for traction. The weight of the vehicle is more evenly distributed and you’re more likely to make it through mud and slush, as well as soft sand with less air pressure.

Airing down of tyres also allows the tyre to more easily conform to sharp rocks or other objects which greatly reduces the possibility of a puncture.

Do not be tempted to lower the tyre pressures to less than 15psi on road or AT tyres. This may cause the tyre to come away from the rim. In extreme offroad situations, beadlock rims are recommended to allow the tyre pressure to be reduced to as little as 5psi.

Always carry a portable air compressor so you can return the tyres to their original pressures before you hit the tarmac. It is also a good idea to carry a tyre repair kit and tyre pressure gauge.

Tough Toys sells a range of products to inflate and deflate your tyres.  We also sell products that let you monitor what tyre pressure you're running.  These are called Tyre Pressure Monitors or TPMS.  Why not check them out in our online store?