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4wd Accessories Australia

Tough Toys has a wide range of Australian 4wd Accessories. All of our 4wd accessories are tried and tested in Australia so we know they won't break when you need them the most!

With lots of great recovery equipment in our online store such as Sand Recovery Tracks, Exhaust Air Jacks and Tyre Repair Kits, you won't need to shop anywhere else. Our touring accessories like our great 4wd awnings and tyre deflators are second to none. Why not visit our online store for more of our great 4wd accessories.

ToughToys is Australian owned and operated which gives you piece of mind when you buy from us.   When you're planning a road trip around Australia it's good to know that you've got all the right equipment from Tough Toys.

Buying 4wd Accessories

When you buy a new 4wd it's tempting to go out and buy as many 4wd accessories as you can to give your car that personal touch.  Accessories offer a great range of convenience for your off roading and 4wd experience.  On the down side they can also become unused items in your vehicle taking up space.  Tough Toys have considered each of the following points when putting together our online store.

Practical 4wd Accessories

Ask yourself what you want the accessory for, then think about how often you'll actually need it.  Granted some accessories will only get used in certain times of year, but others will get used a lot more often.  A great example is an expensive roof rack or roof top storage equipment.  Unless you're planning on a big trip, roof top storage isn't really required for day to day use.  When you're travelling around town you'll notice your fuel usage go up as a downside of the aerodynamics.  To continue paying for barely used accessories in the form of wasted fuel isnt a financially sound investment.

Ease of Installation

A lot of people want to install 4wd accessories themselves.  This can present a problem when certain accessories require more than basic customisation of the vehicle.  Make sure you get all the mounting accessories required when you're purchasing items such as 4wd awnings or bullbars.  Keep in mind that some accessories may require more than a day to properly install on a vehicle.


There are many 4wd accessories that enhance the look of your car.  Awnings can look tough on the side of a touring vehicle, or different coloured lighting can make your car stand out.  Make sure you're aware of the laws regarding lighting in your area.  These often vary from state to state and you may get a ticket if what you've done to your car is illegal.

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