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4wd Accessories Sydney

You won't have a 4wd for very long before you're looking for accessories to spruce it up.  Tough Toys is an online retailer of 4wd accessories in Sydney and we have a large range of 4wd products from Recovery Equipment to Touring Accessories available for you to make your 4wd experience better.  With an endless list of improvements for your truck, the list goes on and on.

We've put together a list of 4wd accessories that are essential before you go off road for the first time:

Bullbars & Lighting

If you dont have a bullbar on your 4wd, we recommend you get one.  When you're out bush and you happen to come across a kangaroo or animal jumping from the dark you'll be thankful you have a bullbar.  Bullbars can make the difference between being able to continue on your trip, or having to stop and wait for help because your radiator is busted.

Lighting on the bullbar is also important.  We recommend LED lighting for the best technology and lowest current draw when running lighting on your vehicle.

Cargo Barrier

Cargo barriers can mean the difference between life and death in an accident.  Something as small as a pencil in the back seat in an accident can turn into a missile puncturing the back of your seat with incredible force.  A cargo barrier can stop heavy objects in the back of your truck from moving forward in an accident.  They can also contribute to the strength of the vehicle when in a roll over situation.

Backup Battery

The worst sound you want to hear is the sound of your starter motor clicking because you can't give it enough current.  With a secondary backup battery you can simply swap cables and be on your way.  A better option is to have the batteries linked with a wiring kit to allow both batteries to be charged by the single alternator.

A backup could also be in the form on a portable jump starting device that is charged from a cigarette lighter.  In all cases a backup battery is a must for even a short trip into the bush.

Recovery Equipment

When you're in the bush its important to have some recovery equipment on board.  Be it a simple snatch strap and some shackles up to a full blown winch setup and everything inbetween, you need something that will get you out of a situation.

We recommend a pair of Tough Tracks to get you out of any Sand Mud or Snow recovery situation without having to rely on someone else towing you out.  They also work great alongside your winch as a platform to drive up onto.

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