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4wd Accessories Perth

If you're an enthusiastic 4wd owner in Perth and you're keen on getting out and about seeing this fantastic country of ours, Tough Toys has the 4wd accessories to get you out there safely and reliably.  Because we're an independant online only store, it means we're able to stock the 4wd products that we've tested to the limit without being biased to a specific brand or product.

Useful tips when 4wd in Perth

When you're out 4wd in Perth and WA's it's important to follow these basic tips if you wish to continue to do what you love.  Make sure you leave the tracks the way they are and follow these simple tips when you're out bush.

  • Obey the laws and regulations for recreational vehicles that apply to public lands.
  • Respect the cultural, heritage and environmental values of public/private land by obeying restrictions that might apply.
  • Respect our flora and fauna. Stop and look, but never disturb.
  • Stick to formed automobile tracks.
  • Keep the environment clean. Carry your own and any other rubbish out.
  • Make sure your automobile is mechanically sound and clean to decrease any environmental impact.
  • Adopt minimal influence camping and driving practices.
  • Seek permission prior to driving on private land. Don’t disturb livestock or watering points. Leave all gates as you find them.
  • Take adequate water, food, fuel, fundamental spares along with a initial aid kit on journeys. In remote areas travel with another automobile and have Royal Flying Physician Service, or equivalent, radio contact.
  • Appreciate your recreation and respect the proper of others.
  • Plan ahead and lodge trip details having a accountable individual.
  • Support four-wheel drive touring as a accountable and legitimate family recreational activity

With a great range of quality stock on hand we're able to supply you with the best 4wd accessories to get out and enjoy Perth and it's outback regions.

With so much beautiful beach and bushland 4wd destinations available in and surrounding Perth, it's no wonder you're looking for the best accessories available for your truck.  It's vital that you're aware of where you are allowed to go, as there's water catchment areas, national parks and private property which you want to avoid. In saying this, Perth 4wd ranges from rocks and mud right through to soft beaches, water crossings and more mud in the winter!

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