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4wd Books Maps And Guides

4wd Books Maps And Guides

The age of digital maps and satellite navigation are apon us.  This doesnt mean that traditional navigational aids such as books, maps and guides have become obsolete.  Infact they're more popular than ever!

When you're out in the bush, you need to find your way.  Not knowing your way can be a lethal combination as getting lost could mean you run out of water, food and resources to get yourself home safely.  A GPS device is your best friend when you're travelling by vehicle to remote places, however if anything should go wrong with it, always have a backup.

Traditional maps from Hema and books such as the Australia Wide Camps series can get you out of trouble should you need to find somewhere to stay the night or look for food and water.

Check out the range of books, maps and guides Tough Toys has to offer.


A wide range of Australian maps and guides for the budget and freedom conscious traveller.

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Hema Maps

Over the years Hema Maps has crafted a range of maps, atlases and digital products that has turned the company’s love of exploration into a reputation as the best map-makers in the 4WD industry.

This reputation has been long in the making, with the company marking the 20th anniversary of its first off -road map: one of Cape York.

Since that first map of the Cape, which is now in its 12th edition, field teams known as the Map Patrol have GPS surveyed over 250,000km of remote roads and tracks of Australia with sub-metre accuracy.  The data that is compiled from these expeditions is then visualised by Hema’s master cartographers and put into the Hema maps you know and love.

This same mapping data is then used for all of Hema’s digital navigation solutions, including the Hema Navigator GPS systems and all of Hema’s Apps. This allows users to drive in the very tracks of the Hema Map Patrol.  Hema has always been willing to take that next step to ensure supreme quality in its products, as evidenced by the Great Desert Tracks expedition in 1998.

Hema is prepared to explore and the team don’t rest until they get it right.

Check out our range of Hema Maps.


Australia Wide Series

The Ultimate Guide for The Budget and Freedom Conscious Traveller

Camps Australia Wide 7th Edition is a comprehensive travel guide to the best free camping and low cost camping spots, rest areas, station stays, national and state parks , country and remote caravan parks throughout Australia. This is a great guide for motorhomers, caravanners, camper trailer owners and is also very useful for visitor’s to Australia who are travelling by rental campervan or motor home.

After producing six immensly popular and successful editions, Camps Australia Wide has released the seventh edition, better than ever, with more camp sites, country and remote caravan parks, station stays, national parks and rest areas around Australia.

Check out the range of Australia Wide Series books.


Boiling Billy Publications

About Boiling Billy Publications

Boiling Billy Publications was established in 1995 with a goal to publish Australian travel guides that are current, accurate and affordable. Our guides are designed to be user friendly and packed full of essential information so readers can get the most out of their travels. Our commitment is to continuously update information and produce revised editions. That way you, the reader can be sure that every Boiling Billy guide and map contains the most recent information available. We regularily camp out up to 150 nights each year gathering and checking information of upcoming titles.

Check out the range of Boiling Billy Publications.


Spatial Vision

Spatial Vision delivers innovative solutions across a growing range of sectors, as more and more enterprises realise the value and potential of spatial information.

Our award-winning solutions support the effective management of natural resources, like land, water, flora and fauna, forests and fisheries, as well as built assets and infrastructure. They also assist in the planning and delivery of a wide range of government and private sector services, including emergency planning and response, education, health and community services.

Spatial Vision also publishes and distributes a comprehensive suite of commercial map products.

Check out the range of Spatial Vision Maps.


A wide range of Australian maps and guides for the budget and freedom conscious traveller.

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