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Camps Australia Wide

Australia is a great country to travel round, because there's always something new to see. We have landscapes ranging from deserts to tropical rainforests and snowy mountain peaks. Locations from the coasts to the Red Centre are all unique - many of them are like nothing you'll find anywhere else on earth. You could spend a lifetime exploring it and not see it all. Still, who wants to miss bits because they ran out of money?

With such a big country to explore you'd spend a pile of cash if you spent your nights in hotels. If you're happy to rough it a bit, though, there are much cheaper places to sleep on your way round Australia. In fact many of them are free. Load up the motor home, hitch the caravan or pack your tent; there are great campsites all over the place and as well as being much cheaper than a hotel we think they're a lot more fun, too.

Of course you need to be able to find them, and this is where Camps Australia Wide comes in. Now in its 7th edition, this outstanding big guide book contains more campsites than ever and gives you more details on each of them. Easy to read symbols tell you all you need to know about each site - what facilities are available, if it's pet friendly and even if you'll get a signal on your mobile phone. In all  there are over 3,900 sites listed, and with Hema road maps included it couldn't be easier to navigate to them. Just to be sure there are GPS coordinates for all sites.

The 7th edition is available in A4 or B4 formats; the B4 one has a hard cover and includes photos of over 2,300 of the sites. Free monthly updates are available online so you can check nothing's changed before you travel. You can go camping without this book, but you'd be mad to.

Size: 215x297mm
Pages: 400
Edition: 7th
Published: 2012
ISBN: 9780980570366


The Australia Wide Series are the ultimate guide for the budget and freedom conscious traveller and the perfect travel companion.

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