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Why you need Sandgrabba Mats for your 4x4

Why you need Sandgrabba Mats for your 4x4

We love Australia’s amazing landscapes, but we’re not so keen on how they get ground into the interiors of our vehicles. Unfortunately the kind of floor mats manufacturers supply might be fine for everyday driving, but if you take them into the Outback you’ll discover their limits quickly enough.

Standard mats do a good job of protecting carpets from dirty shoes, but when you’re walking down a sandy track to check it for obstructions, or struggling to recover a bogged-in Ute from the mud, you can get to whole new levels of dirty. When your boots are full of sand or dropping clumps of mud everywhere it isn’t going to stay on the mat. It’ll migrate off the sides, get underneath and find its way into every corner of your vehicle.

If you want to keep the landscape where it belongs – or, at least, out of places where it doesn’t belong, you need Sandgrabba floor mats. Much more than just a replacement for the standard ones, these are mats designed by people who understand off-road driving.

Sandgrabba mats are custom designed to fit your vehicle. They’re moulded to fit precisely into your footwells, leaving no gaps for dirt to find its way into. An innovative quick-release fastening system keeps them securely in place – until you want to clean them, when they can be easily removed.

Every Sandgrabba mat is moulded from a tough, flexible laminate of PVC and rubber, so they’re waterproof and hard-wearing. A non-skid foam backing prevents even the smallest movement and minimises wear on your carpets.

Meanwhile the textured surface won’t snag your feet as you drive, but helps keep dirt from wandering around.

We stock Sandgrabba mats for a wide range of popular vehicles. Get yourself a set now, and muddy carpets will be a thing of the past.

Tough Toys sells the full range of Sandgrabba Mats in our Floor Mats& Vynl Carpets section.