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Camping Bare Essentials

We’ve all seen photos and videos of the most elaborate camping set ups but what do you really need to get away?

We’ve put together a basic essentials list to get you away faster and easier this holiday season. 

A waterproof tent with flysheet. Look into Oztent RV range or something like the Oztrail fast frame - either way what you want is something that folds up / down as fast as possible with minimal effort. The oztent RV is the winner but you really need a way to pack it in the car cuz its long - best on a roof rack. 

A Camp Bed. The self inflating foam mattresses are by far superior and have gained in popularity in recent times. If your lacking room in your vehicle or assistance to roll up your mattress at the end of the camp trip then we recommend getting 2 single self inflating mattresses so that they are easier to pack away. 

Sleeping Bag. bit of a personal choice but really you want a REALLY light one for summer and a heavier one for winter, These can come in minus 10 or minus 5 for warmth. Again, singles are easier to roll up and pack smaller.

Pegs. Bluescrew for soft sand or Peggy for harder ground -  The peggy peg range is useful in that you can take a cordless drill to drive them in and screw out for all types of ground types.

Chairs. A good camp chair is a must to be comfortable and relax during your time away. We highly recommend the Front Runner Expander Chair for reliability and space saving. 

Table.  Getting a table that folds up and fits around your other gear is a must.  A good camp table will make preparing and eating food that much easier. It’s also great for any late afternoon board games for the kids and kids at heart. The front runner table is a sturdy and reliable table that can also be stored in your roof rack for added space inside your vehicle.

Storage boxes. Storage boxes are great for packing food and any essentials items for cooking - 

Utensils. Utensils kits are handy to have ready to go in your camping storage box. This way you will always have dedicated utensils and won't accidentally leave anything behind. They also come in dedicated rolls or boxes to stop any mishaps with knives happening that are not safely secured. 

Cooker. A butane cooker/ stove is a must for camping. Having one will always make sure you have a way to cook even when it may end up raining and a campfire isnt usable to cook on. 

Fridge/ Esky. You’ll need something to keep your food and drinks cold when your away from home. This is a personal preference to what you like and what your budget is. Both will get the job done.  if your leaning towards an esky, ensure you get an esky with a good amount of insulation, otherwise you will be replacing your ice daily.