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Small 4wd vehicles are a popular choice among drivers who like the economy, prefer short trips or like the agility of a nippy little wagon. Some of the most popular come from Japanese firm Daihatsu, who've been producing tiny 4x4s for years now. Models like the Terios and Feroza are a lot of fun off road, and also make practical vehicles if you work outside but don't need to carry a load of tools with you.

Like any 4wd, the Daihatsus will perform a lot better if you have the right gear on board. Tough Toys is your best source for that gear. We're big 4wd fans ourselves and we like to see people get the kit they need, so when you buy your parts and accessories from us you know you're getting the best. That doesn't mean they're the most expensive of course; we sell online to keep prices down, and that also lets us get your stuff to you wherever you are in Australia.

So what do we have for your Daihatsu? Pretty much everything, basically. If you want to get the maximum mobility from your 4wd we have fuel tanks by Longrange Automotive. These are a simple replacement for the factory tank but hold up to 100 litres, which is great when you're not sure where the next filling station is.

If you want to add a personal touch to your Daihatsu, and get better visibility at night while you're at it, a lightbar is always a nice touch. We have a range of state of the art, ultra-tough LED lightbars in just about any size you could want, as well as spotlights and work lights. They look great on your vehicle and they work even better.

A compact Daihatsu is a lot lighter than a big Ute, but if you manage to get it stuck somewhere you still don't want to be digging it out with a spoon. We have a full range of recovery gear to help you pull yourself out of anything. Snatch straps, shackles, high performance jacks and sand channels will all make it easier to get yourself on the move again no matter how bad the ground is.

Proper camping gear makes all the difference when you're spending a night on the trail, and we have loads of it. Our awnings are some of the best you'll find, with all the convenience of a classic awning plus great new features like LED lighting. We stock Bushpower fridges, including a compact 30 litre model that fits perfectly in the back of a small 4wd. Cookers, mozzie nets and all the other stuff you need is in our range too. If you have a Daihatsu and want to get it ready for anything just check out our site.

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