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Daihatsu’s Feroza was a popular little 4wd and there are still plenty of them knocking around. If you can pick one up in good condition it’s an excellent wagon for some off road fun. Compact and economical to run, but tough and agile, it can get around pretty much anywhere and take you on some great touring breaks. Of course to get the best out of it you’ll need some accessories, and at Tough Toys we have just what you’re looking for.

The Feroza isn’t as big as a lot of wagons, so you need to make the best use of your storage space. Instead of filling the back with a big tent go for an awning mounted on your roof bars – that’ll save you a lot of room inside. It’s also a lot quicker to set up when you stop for the night. Just unzip the bag, roll it out, set up the poles and you’re done. Add in mozzie nets or walls for more protection and you’ll have a big, comfortable shelter all ready for you.

Water’s vital in Australia but it’s heavy, and takes up space too. Instead of filling the back with jerrycans get a LifeSaver Australia filter system that lets you quickly purify water from any natural source. We have several, from pocket filter straws up to a 20 litre model. They can all turn murky swamp water into something cleaner than what comes out the tap at home.

The Feroza can get around, but sooner or later you’re going to get stuck – that’s how off road driving works. The good news is it’s small and light enough to make self-recovery easy if you have the right gear. Our range of high rise and exhaust jacks, shackles, snatch straps and sand channels will get you out of just about anything.

The Feroza is a great way to get into offroading on a budget, but just because you saved money on your vehicle there’s no need to lose out on capability. At Tough Toys we specialise in turning any 4wd into a real go-anywhere machine, and we have the stuff to sort out your Feroza.

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