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We still see a lot of Daihatsu Ferozas and Rockys driving around, which is great – they’re tough little vehicles. And they look the part. We like their replacement too, though. The Terios looks a bit more sophisticated than the old models but underneath it’s just as rugged and it’s built for great off road performance. Straight from the factory it’s set up as a road car but no worries – at Tough Toys we have the gear to change that. With some of our quality accessories on board your Terios will be ready for the bush in no time.

Make your Terios stand out – in the car park or on a bush track at night – with one of our LED light bars. These are the latest in high power lighting and you’ll see the difference when you’re bashing along a rough track. Your headlights might vanish in the dust but you’ll still have a clear view of the ground ahead. We have bars from 6 inches up to a massive 50 inches, all using the same great technology.

Keep in touch with one of our UHF radio sets and a high performance antenna. You’ll be able to talk to the folk at home, chat with other off roaders and even call for help in an emergency. These modern radios are compact and reliable, and you shouldn’t head into the bush without one.

Most emergencies off road can be sorted out with a spot of self-recovery, but you’ll have some trouble if you’re relying on the standard Terios toolkit. It’s designed for changing tyres beside the road, not getting yourself out of a river. Our range of recovery gear is a lot more serious – exhaust jacks, shackles and snatch straps will let you pull yourself out of just about anything, and sand channels like the fantastic Treds are worth their weight in beer.

The Terios is compact, but it still has plenty space for all the camping gear you need. Kit yourself out with awnings, cookers, water filtration systems and even a Bushpower compact fridge – Tough Toys have it all. We’re here to help you turn your Terios into a real off road monster.

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