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The Mitsubishi Challenger has a well earned reputation as a powerful 4x4 with the comfort of a luxury saloon, no matter what variant you choose. Great engines and drive-trains mean great performance both on and off road and you'll be travelling in comfort, too. If it's off road capability that matters most to you, though, there are ways to make your Challenger even better. That's where Tough Toys come in; our range of high quality 4x4 accessories will keep you moving when you're well away from service and repair facilities, and help you have a great time doing it.

We're 4x4 enthusiasts ourselves, and we founded Tough Toys because we learned how hard it is to find quality 4x4 accessories that are really meant to earn their keep. There are plenty places to get the parts you need to make your vehicle look better on shopping trips, but it's not been so easy to find expedition quality gear. Now it is. Tough Toys parts add extra practicality to your Challenger, whether it's for work or leisure. We stock a wide range of replacement and add-on systems specially designed for the Challenger, as well as plenty of kit to make your trips safer and more enjoyable. Here are some of the items we can sort you out with:

  • Long range fuel tanks. Heavy country means heavy fuel consumption, so don’t limit yourself to the standard tank if you're planning to be well adrift from filling stations. Tough Toys stock Brown Davis long-range fuel tanks specially built for your Challenger, ruggedly constructed of aluminium-coated steel for long service and anti-corrosion. And if your new 130 litre tank is still not your idea of long-range, then you can fit an 80 litre auxiliary tank too. No sweat, just a straight-forward swap for the original tanks; any mechanic can do it in a couple of hours.
  • Snorkel and Filter; Dust and water giving you headaches and limiting your horizons? Like the rest of us, even the beefiest of engines needs clean air to stay alive, and under water is no-go no matter how aspirated your engine block is. A good snorkel will sort that out for you, and the best we've found are from Safari. We stock a Safari Snorkel designed specially for your Challenger,  with swivel head for added protection against prevailing winds and snowstorms. No need to worry about that surge of creek water or pool drop when off-road, or flooded lanes and plains when you have the Safari Snorkel fitted.
  • Sump Underguard;  A cracked sump in the middle of nowhere is no fun, when your luck runs out and that jagged lump of rock liberates your sump oil into the sands. Make sure your ride home is protected by fitting the steel Underguard, specially shaped for your Challenger, with reinforced bolt connections to avoid damage. Made of 3mm cold-rolled steel, your Underguard will take a real kicking and walk away laughing. Not just sump protection, but drive-shafts, steering and all the other low-slung essentials benefit from being on the right side of 3mm steel plate.
  • Exhaust Jack;  Your wheels are out in the open, so no steel plate's possible for them. That makes punctures a risk you run out in the wilds. Of course it goes without saying that you're going to get one where your jack just sinks into the sand. We have a solution to that - in fact it's a solution to every jacking problem. Connect the Tough Toys Exhaust Jack to your Challenger’s exhaust, and watch the lifting bag hoist the wheel right up - with no flailing of jack handles to skin your knuckles and dislocate your shoulder. Easy to stow and easy to use.

We have a lot more great kit to suit your Mitsubishi Challenger, and the best news of all is you can order it round the clock and get rapid delivery anywhere in Australia. You won't beat our prices, either.


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