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Mitsubishi have a great reputation among 4x4 drivers, and one reason for this is the outstanding Triton ute. The Pajero and other models are great for recreational off road driving or long trips across rough ground, but when you need to get some serious work done the extra load space of a ute is what you need. The Triton gives you that, together with either single, double or club cab. If you're going to be working off road it gives you the option of 4x4 transmission, too. This is a pickup that can really go places.

Of course most people that buy a Triton aren't going to use its off-road capability to anything like their full extent. After all there aren't many rivers to cross on the way to the builder's yard. If you want one to use around the farm you'll probably want to look at ways to improve performance a bit, and if you plan on any long trips into the outback you definitely will.

In fact the Triton's ideal for exploring Australia's great open spaces. With a double cab there's plenty room for four people to travel in comfort, and the big rear load bed will swallow all your gear. Never mind trying to cram tents, water and all the rest into the back of a standard 4x4; the Triton has room to spare. That makes it well worth customising yours to get the most out of its fantastic mechanicals. The right accessories will also help your Triton hold its value.  And let's face it; don't we all want a vehicle that's a bit unique? We certainly did, which is why we started finding the best 4x4 accessories in the first place.

The Triton is a working vehicle at heart, and we have the kit to make it work harder than ever. If you want to work round the clock and need the light to make that possible, look at our range of light bars. Available in sizes from six to 50 inches, these use the latest high-output LED technology to give you shed loads of light just where you need it. They really are super bright, and because they use LEDs they're super tough too. No more need to worry about bulbs being shaken to bits on rough ground; each LED has a life of more than 30,000 hours. Just to make sure they don't get smashed up before then they're encased in a solid cast alloy housing with a nearly indestructible polycarbonate lens. The whole assembly is waterproof and comes with fittings to fix it securely to your Triton just where you need it. Throw some illumination forwards or light up your ute bed so you can work in it. Try our LED work lights too; built the same way as our bars they put out a wide, bright beam.

If you have a lot of ground to cover and don't fancy filling the back of your Triton with fuel cans what about one of our Brown Davis long-range tanks? A drop-in replacement for the standard tank, these super-strong versions give you up to 125 litres of fuel capacity - that's 50 litres more than the factory tank.

The Triton's a tough vehicle and it'll take a lot of abuse, but you can never tell when a rock or stump is going to give you a bash under the chassis. Tough as the Triton is, a hard enough knock can bust your sump, pound the axles or even break your transmission. A Brown Davis Underguard will sort that risk for you. Made from 3mm armour-quality steel, with double thickness attachment points, this rugged belly plate will shrug off just about any impact and keep your ute in running order. Just like the fuel tanks it's a simple job to fit, but the protection it gives your sump and steering is second to none.

We also stock a wide range of kit to haul your Triton out of a tough spot, help you get rolling again after a puncture or minor breakdown or just relax with a  cold one at the end of the day's trip. Online ordering lets you get easy delivery anywhere in Australia and we guarantee you'll be happy at our prices. Let us know what you need for your Triton ute and we'll sort it for you.


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