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When you think about 4x4s with a real reputation for off-road performance the ones that spring straight to mind are usually the Land Rover Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser. Did you think of the Mitsubishi Pajero? Most people don't. The ones that do, though, usually already bought one. There's a good reason for that. The Pajero combines the comfort of a Discovery or Patrol with the cross-country grunt of a Defender or Land Cruiser, and that's a winning combination. Literally - a Pajero won the Paris-Dakar Rally only three years after the model was introduced, and it's won it on average every second year since. This is one Mitsubishi that really does the business in rough ground.

Of course like most other 4x4s it's a bit of a compromise as delivered. All the basic features you need for doing hard work in the outback are there, but the factory also has an eye on people that just want to pose on the school run. This means that your Pajero has a lot of parts that are more suited to being on the road than off it.

At Tough Toys we believe that a 4x4 should be ready for anything. We enjoy hitting the wilds in our own vehicles, so over the years we've learned a lot about what accessories you need to open up new horizons and get across any inconvenient obstacles in the way. Now we've brought the best of those accessories together in one place, just to make it easy for you. If you want to turn your Mitsubishi Pajero from a capable 4x4 into a real go-anywhere exploration machine, parts from Tough Toys are the way ahead.

On The Go

If you need to cover long distances on rough ground you can't afford to be tied to a petrol pump. You can always fill your load space with jerry cans, but we have a better solution; replace your standard tank with one of our long-range models. Easily fitted by any mechanic, these are simple drop-in replacements that preserve all the features of your old tank but give you up to 60 litres more capacity. Still not enough? We stock 65 litre auxiliary tanks for many Pajero models. Our tanks are made by Brown Davis specifically for cross-country use. Internal baffles prevent slosh that can starve your engine, and double-skinned mount points hold them securely to your chassis. Aluminium coating over 2mm cold-rolled steel completes the toughest fuel tanks you'll find anywhere.

Brown Davis also make our underguards. With the same quality as the fuel tanks, but even tougher 3mm steel, they'll brush aside whatever you hit and keep your Pajero's mechanicals in prefect nick over the roughest of ground. Laugh off rocks, stumps and branches with an impenetrable armoured shell over your vehicle's belly.

If you don't go in for river crossings you might never have considered a snorkel, but you should. It'll give you something to think about next time you're pulled over with a hot engine, cleaning the dust out of your air filter.

A Good Night Out

Of course having the right accessories to keep your Pajero moving is only half of it. You weren't planning on spending a night stretched across the back seat, were you? Sure, it's an option, but not a great one. Why not camp in comfort with one of our great tents or awnings - and, of course, a mozzie net? Try our water purification systems, too. Up to now it's been a choice between hauling heavy water containers with you or using purification tablets and ending up drinking something that tastes like a swimming pool. Our LifeSaver Australia jerry can is a bit different. Designed for military use, just fill it from local water supplies and it'll pour out a stream of safe, filtered water. The filter's good for up to 20,000 litres. If water's not your thing try our can and stubby coolers; use them right and they'll get your beer cold in the hottest desert.

Because Tough Toys is an online specialist you can order any time of day from anywhere in Australia. It also lets us offer you the best prices you'll find. Whatever you want to add to your Pajero, get onto us today and see what we can do for you.


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