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4wd First Aid & Emergency Kits for Travelling & Touring

4wd First Aid & Emergency Kits for Travelling & Touring

Having a decent first aid kit in your 4wd vehicle is something that a lot of people dont put a lot of effort into, until they find they actually need one.  First aid and emergency kits are something every 4wd vehicle should have.

What to take?

It can be a daunting idea looking at the vast array of first aid kits on the market wondering which one has the right gear for your next trip.  The amount of gear you take is dependant on the difficulty of driving you do, the remoteness of the places you go to and the amount of time you are planning on spending there.

The difficulty of driving factor comes into play when you consider things like the possibility of being hurt in or around a vehicle.  If a vehicle rollover happens, do you have the right equipment to support a person's neck or back injury?  In the case of recovery equipment breaking, can you treat a purson who is injured?  These are questions you should ask when you're piecing together your requirements for a recovery kit.

Location remoteness can be a scary thought when if something should go wrong, you try to get help and find that an ambulance is a long long way away.  The elements of your first aid kit should be well thought out as they might just save the day.

Depending on the amount of time you're spending away, you might want more first aid gear for the every day injuries such as cuts, bruises, bites and stings.  Carry more than you think you might need just in case.  First aid is not something you should skimp on.

First Aid Kit recommendations

The contents of your first aid kit should look something like the following list:

Basic first aid manual (from Red Cross or St John Ambulance)
Antiseptic fluid (Betadine, Dettol or similar)
Antiseptic cream (Betadine or similar)
Eye drops
Assorted bandaids, strips/spots, wound closures
Elastic or crepe bandages (for sprains and snake bite)
Sterile gauze bandages (50 mm & 75 mm)
Triangular bandages (to support limbs and hold dressings in place)
Adhesive tape, cotton wool, tissues
Scissors, safety pins
Calamine lotion, Stingose or similar
Pencil and note pad

To that you can add many items

Antihistamine tablets
Itch/skin relief cream (for itch, bites, minor burns)
Anti-diarrhoea tablets (or mixture)
Gastrolyte - for treatment of diarrhoea
Travel sickness tablets
Andrews tablets, or similar, for indigestion
Ear drops
Temporary tooth filling mix to replace fillings, loose caps
Nyal toothache drops
Burn cream
Cream/ointment for bruises and swelling due to injury
Strepsils or similar
Tweezers, splinter remover
Rubber pointed eye probe, eye wash
Methylated spirits
"Airsplint" (for any broken limbs)
Personal medication or tablets

First Aid for Snake Bites

Snake bites are common when you're out in the bush on a camping or 4wd trip.  Be sure you're aware of the first aid proceedures before you head off so that you are capable of acting in an emergency.

The pressure-immobilisation first aid technique was developed in the 1970's by Professor Struan Sutherland. Its purpose is to retard the movement of venom from the bite site into the circulation, thus "buying time" for the patient to reach medical care. Research with snake venom has shown that very little venom reaches the blood stream if firm pressure is applied over the bitten area and the limb is immobilised. Pressure-immobilisation was initially developed to treat snakebite, but it is also applicable to bites and stings by some other venomous creatures.

We suggest the Tough Toys snakebite first aid kit for emergency snake bite care.

Snakebite First Aid Kit

The perfect snakebite first aid solution, designed for any scenario.

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First Aid Kits

It is important to have a decent first aid kit onboard your 4wd vehicle at all times. In an emergency situation, this is something you simply can't afford to be without.

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