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4wd Long Range Fuel Tanks & Carrying Auxiliary Petrol or Diesel

4wd Long Range Fuel Tanks & Carrying Auxiliary Petrol or Diesel

Long range fuel tanks give your 4wd the possibility to carry a lot more fuel on board than a standard vehicle. Once you're on your trip, you have the benefit of driving your 4x4 a lot further without seeing a fuel station! Sometimes this can be really handy. Long range fuel tanks are basically a requirement when travelling to remote areas with your 4wd. Sometimes fuel isn't readily accessible.  A long range tank may also save you some coin as the fuel can be a lot more expensive in a remote area.

Long range tanks come in two types.  They can replace your existing fuel tank with a much larger version or an auxiliary fuel tank can be installed which sits alongside your current fuel tank.  Consideration of both options before purchasing a tank can be beneficial as both have advantages and disadvantages.

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary fuel tanks have a distinct advantage when it comes to potential emergencies.  In the case of a fuel tank puncture or leak, you are able to switch to the auxiliary tank which is hopefuly not ruptured and continue on your journey.  If the auxiliary tank doesnt have fuel, you can still capture the remaining leaking fuel and utilise the auxiliary tank.

The downside to auxiliary tanks is the space they take up under the car.  They also have a more complicated install proceedure requiring a second filler neck and fuel pump to be installed.  This often makes kits for them more expensive.

Long Range Fuel Tanks

A long range fuel tank replaces your existing tank with a bigger capacity tank enabling you to fill it up with more fuel.  When buying a long range tank, make sure you check to see if your ground clearance will be affected.  Most of the time a long range tank will hang lower than a standard tank and can cause issues with protecting the tank.

Often a body lift of the vehicle can counter this giving you more body clearance and allowing the tank to be raised up.

Buying an Aftermarket Tank

Check the clearance of your vehicle to make sure you will be okay off road after installing the long range tank.  Make sure there is a protection plate on the long range tank to hopefuly prevent it from rupturing from sticks and rocks.

Different makes of aftermarket fuel tank have different shapes.  If the tanks are being mounted at the rear of the vehicle, make sure your departure angles are still good.  Often one type of tank will give better departure angles than others.

If you're planning a big trip, a long range tank is a necessity.  You'll only run out of fuel in the outback once!

Long Range Fuel Tanks

Brown Davis long range and auxiliary tanks are arguably the most thoroughly engineered long range and auxiliary tank available.

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