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A Guide To Camping More Often

A Guide To Camping More Often

Think back to the best nights you’ve had. If you like the outdoors it’s a fair bet most of them involve sitting round a campfire somewhere with a few mates, instead of in the living room watching the news. Camping is one of the things life’s all about; getting out there, being self-reliant and enjoying the landscapes. So how come we don’t do it more often?

There are all sorts of reasons people think they can’t get away camping. Not enough time, not enough money, have to look after the kids… you probably know all of those, and more. Are they really good reasons to stay at home though? Or can they all be easily solved? We think they can. The truth is you can get away pretty much any time you want.

Use Your Time

When you have a job to go to, time can be limited. That’s no problem though; just make the most of what you have. You don’t need to line up two weeks off to have a great camping trip; choose a destination close to you and you can have a relaxing weekend break. If you can add a couple of lieu days to either end of the weekend you can manage a slightly longer break without eating into your holiday allowance.

Save Your Pennies

If you’re a bit short of cash that’s not a reason to skip camping - it’s a reason togocamping. You already have the gear and you’d need to buy food anyway, so why not eat it under the stars? Camping’s cheap; all you need is the fuel to get there. After that you’ll spend less money than you will on a weekend at home. Especially if you have kids.

Think of the Children

Keeping kids amused can be an expensive business. There’s always somewhere they want to go and it always costs money. There’s a simple solution though – take them camping instead. Kids love being outdoors and not having to shower, so they’ll have a great time running around, building dams and collecting firewood. It won’t cost a cent to keep them amused, either.

Is it Going to Rain?

So the weather forecast isn’t looking too great. Best to stay at home, right?

Wrong. You can still have a great timecamping in bad weather. As long as you have the right gear being outdoors is fun even if it is tipping it down. Sitting around a tent in the rain is a lot better than sitting around the house in the rain. Decent sleeping bags will deal with cold nights, too. Be adventurous and get out in any weather!

Too Much to Do

If you think you’re too busy to take a break, you need to take a break. Without some down time you’ll get stressed and inefficient; get away for two or three days, see some sights, enjoy a couple of nights under canvas and you’ll be able to work much better when you get home.

There are all sorts of reasons to give camping a miss right now, but none of them are good reasons. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pack up and go, and even a couple of days away make all the difference. You’ll have a great time and come back relaxed. Remember, a lot of the best times you’ve had were outdoors. What are you waiting for – get out there and have some more!