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Benefits of a 4wd rear door fold down table

4wd Rear Door Fold Down Tables

At first glance the back door of your 4wd has a pretty simple job to do – keep gear, kids and dogs in, and thieves, rain and dust out. Sure enough, that’s the main function of a door, but on serious off-road vehicles it’s also a handy place to mount extra gear – spare tyres, for example, and sometimes recovery tools. Of course that’s all clunky stuff that tends to get muddy, so it goes on the outside – but there’s some pretty cool stuff you can put on the inside, too.

You can go off-road touring with a basic vehicle and really get back to nature, but we find trips are a lot more enjoy able if you add a few little luxuries. One thing that makes a lot more difference than you’d expect is a fold-down table fitted inside one of your rear doors.

Mention a folding table in the context of touring and the first thing most people are going to think is “lunch!” Most of us keep our food in the back of the vehicle, and being able to fold out a table from the open rear door is pretty handy when you’ve stopped for a quick meal and don’t want to start unloading and setting up furniture. If all you want to do is put together a few sandwiches and maybe a bowl of salad, you can do it right there beside the fridge or Eski you keep your lunch supplies in.

There are plenty other uses for a folding table, too. Want to do some writing, clean your camera or fix some damaged gear? Instead of trying to balance all your stuff on the bonnet or dashboard you can just fold the table down, sit on the floor and work there. It’s a really handy accessory that doesn’t take up any space when it’s folded.

In fact a good table can give you more storage space. They’re usually fitted by removing the interior panel from the back door and mounting the table in its place. That opens up the space inside the door, which is a handy place to keep anything you like to be able to get hold of quickly; just open the door, lift the table and there it is.

Suiable for owners of Jeep JK Wranglers, Nissan Patrol GU and Toyota 76 Series Wagons, we have the perfect fold down table for you.  With a sturdy steel construction and clever timber slide out cutting board, this table makes the perfect accessory. 

To install it, you simply remove the interior trim panel then drill a few mounting holes into the steel body of the vehicle before bolting the table in place over the top of the interior trim.  Installation instructions are included to make life easy!

If you have a Mercedes G-Wagen, you’re definitely in luck here. We’ve found a great G-Wagen folding table from South African off road specialist Front Runner, and it ticks all the right boxes. Rugged and easy to use, it’s been designed to work well with Front Runner’s excellent drawer system; the unfolded table sits just above the top of the drawer unit, so you have plenty of space to get at the gear stowed inside.

The table can be fitted to either of the G-Wagen’s doors (or both, if you want even more space). Its mounting includes a couple of handy compartments for storing small tools and other gear inside the door. Like all Front Runner gear, this table has been designed by people who know what off road touring is all about – and it really shows.