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Roof Rack Systems - Finding the perfect rack.

Roof Rack Systems - Finding the perfect rack.

If you’ve been reading our articles for a while you probably know that we’re huge fans of roof racks. They’re vital for off road touring, giving you the space you need for all your bulky camping gear. If the weather isn’t cooperating a roof rack lets you keep wet tents out of the cabin, and they’re also a useful mounting point for awnings and mozzie nets.

Over the years we’re used a lot of different roof racks, in all sorts of different styles. It’s like anything else, though; it isn’t easy to find the “perfect” roof rack, because designing one always involves compromises. We think Front Runner’s amazing slimline racks come pretty close, though.

Front Runner racks are easy to mount on just about any vehicle with standard rails. They have no shortage of T-slots for fitting tie-down points. Their low profile makes them easy to reach and helps keep your centre of gravity as low as possible, which is vital for stability across rough ground. And they’re incredibly robust, too, with heavy-duty high density aluminium construction and a deep powder coat finish that’s as attractive as it is durable.

That bomb-proof build quality is one of the things we really like about Front Runner racks. A cheap or flimsy roof rack doesn’t just risk losing your expensive gear; it can also be dangerous. If it breaks while you’re crossing rough ground the sudden shift of weight can turn your vehicle over. Luckily there’s not much chance of that happening with these sturdy racks.

Front Runner racks are ideal for storing tents and other bulky items, thanks to the T-rails on the top and bottom of every slat and the edge frame. If you want a handy bin for small items you might do better with a roof cage, but we prefer to keep the small gear in storage boxes inside the vehicle where it’s less likely to bounce out and get lost.

If you like Front Runner racks they have a load of other excellent storage solutions that might interest you as well. If you have a Ute, you can increase its load capacity and versatility with a bed rack. Built to the same design as their roof racks, this is a perfect way to load jerrycans, bikes and other bulky stuff you need quick access to.

For wagons Front Runner have some really outstanding options. Their cargo slide is practically indestructible and comes with loads of tie-down points, so you can secure all your gear but get effortless access to all of it by simply sliding the floor of the load space out.

One thing we really like is their Wolf Pack drawer systems. Wolf Packs are tough plastic storage boxes that are perfect for packing small items, delicate camera gear or anything else you want to protect and keep easily accessible. The drawer system includes six of them, making it easier than ever to organise your stuff.

Storage systems aren’t the most glamorous touring gear, but they’re extremely important and deserve a lot more attention than they often get. If you can’t keep the rest of your stuff well secured and accessible your trips aren’t going to be a lot of fun. Front Runner make it easy to pack, protect and get at your gear.