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Why you need Gullwing Windows for your 4wd!

Why you need Gullwing Windows for your 4wd!

With any modern 4wd there’s no problem fitting in all the gear you need for a great camping trip. Where it can get tricky is finding – and getting to – stuff when you need it. It always seems like the item you’re looking for is right at the back of the cargo compartment, as far away from the door as it can be.

Fed up climbing over piles of kit to reach something? Maybe you want to consider a gullwing window or two. These are a simple idea but make a huge difference to the usability of your load space.

The basic idea behind a gullwing window is that you replace the stock rear window with one that’s hinged to open upwards. When you want to get at gear that isn’t handy for the door, all you need to do is open the window – it has latches so you can do that from the outside - and lift it on its gas struts. Hey presto, you have access through the side of the vehicle.

Once you have a gullwing fitted, other options open out. For example we have some great FrontRunner gullwing boxes. Fit one of these inside your window and now you have a handy storage box accessible from outside the vehicle. Use it for your recovery equipment – it’s easy to get to, and keeps muddy gear away from the rest of your stuff. Or turn it into part of your camp kitchen; why rummage in an old Woolworths bag for your spices and sauces, when you can have them all neatly stowed on shelves in a vehicle-mounted cupboard?

Lockable gullwing windows are pretty tough and secure, but if you’re using a box behind them why create temptation for thieves? All the windows we sell have the option of a standard toughened glass panel or a metal one. If you don’t mind losing some glass area, metal panels hide what’s behind them and also save you a few dollars.

Gullwing windows are also convenient and flexible. If you’re into photography they make it simple to quickly open the window and start taking shots, and the open window will also help keep rain or glare off your lens. Want some extra ventilation when you’re stopped? Just pop the latches and push the window up. In a pinch it even doubles as another way out of your wagon.

We have a range of gullwing window kits from Front Runner. You’ve probably heard of Front Runner’s amazing roof racks before; well, the rest of their gear is pretty awesome too. Based in South Africa, they know all about rough terrain and they build their products to cope with it. These windows are a great example, with rugged, powder-coated steel frames, 6mm toughened glass panels and high-quality fittings. If you’re after a gullwing kit that won’t let you down in the bush, our Emuwing and Front Runner kits are perfect.

Check out the full range of Gullwing Windows here.