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4wd Trip to Rathdowney & Mt Barney National Park

4wd Trip to Rathdowney & Mt Barney National Park

After spending a night camping at Rathdowney, we decided to go out on a quick 4wd trip to the Waterfall Creek Road area. It is an easy track with some side roads you keep you entertained. When you get to the end of the track there is a bushwalk that takes you to the Upper Portals for some great views of waterfalls and birdlife.

To get to Rathdowney from Brisbane, you need to follow the Mt Linsdesay Highway from Beaudesert to Rathdowney.  A 4wd is required to access the Waterfall Creek Reserve where camping is available.

The national park features the distinctive peaks of Mt Barney, Mt Maroon, Mt May and Mt Lindesay. These peaks are the left overs from a large volcano which erupted approximately 24million years ago.  Mt Barney is the 2nd highest peak in south east Queensland.

With extremely varied vegitation from open forests to subtropical rainforest makes this a real bush adventure.  Camping is available at the Waterfall Creek Reserve with no facilities.  There are also privately run camping areas in the vacinity.  National Park bush camping is accessible only via foot.

When you reach Waterfall Creek Road, follow it all the way to the top of the ridge where you will find the upper portals bush walk.  The track is great for novice drivers and if you want to have some fun try some of the side roads which will get your suspension flexing!

The upper portals bushwalk will lead you to some great waterfalls and wildlife so be ready to bring your camera and plenty of water.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can drive closer to Mt Barney where you will find many other bush walking tracks.

Be aware that the unmarked or barely marked trails to the peaks of Mount Barney require bush walking experience and navigational skills.  The climb up Mount Barney via South Ridge also known as Peasants Ridge is arduous and should only be undertaken by very fit, experienced bush walkers. Other peaks and routes up Mount Barney require a very high level of fitness, experience and navigational skills.

All walks take at least seven hours and should not be attempted late in the day.