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Bribie Island 4wd & Fishing Trip

Bribie Island 4wd & Fishing Trip

We hadn’t been on the beaches at Bribie Island yet, so we all packed up and headed out in a convoy of about 6 cars for a day trip.  Bribie island is only about an hour and a half from Brisbane and probably the closest place that 4wd enthusiasts from Brisbane can get some beach driving action.   We had some soft roaders like a bmw X5 and a honda CRV, and some different ‘proper’ 4wd trucks like a Toyota Landcruiser 100 series, a patrol and a few Mitsubishi Pajero’s.  

We decided to start on the bottom of the inland track and then head North, up and out to the beach at the top of the island.  to get to the start of the Inland track, we went over the bridge to bribie island,  and left at the large roundabout, then through White patch to the start of the sand track.  We all stopped here for a little while to let down the tyres.

The inland track quickly changes from bitumen to dirt ruts to soft sand and before you know it we were having fun.  Be sure to check if the track is open, because it does get closed sometimes if it is wet or not passable.

The inland track is mostly soft sand and didn't present any problems for our combination of soft roaders and proper 4wd’s.  There is a few blind corners that are very soft, so look out for oncoming traffic trying to keep their momentum up, and don't follow others too closely.

We stopped for a quick snack at the Lighthouse Reach Day use area, then headed out to the ocean beach where the kids were let loose for a while.  We had a small wait to let the tide go out a bit before continuing south along the ocean side of Bribie.  

Coming back down the beach, there are 4 lagoons which you will come across.  Depending on the season/ tides etc these can be impassable, so make sure to do your research on the conditions and tide times before you leave.   Also season dependent is the washouts caused by water running out of the lagoons, remember to check for the latest conditions report.

We continued south until we hit Woorim Beach, then you can get back up off the beach and back onto the black top.  There is heaps of off street parking to inflate the tyres before heading back home.