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Bribie Island Ocean Beach

Bribie Island Ocean Beach

A great getaway for the family! A mate and I packed up friday, loaded up his 2007 Mitsubishi TD Triton and trailer and headed off. Got to Bribie beach and let the tyres down to 18 psi (hence brought a set of Tough Toys tyre deflators).

We drove up the beach on low tide to camp site area P.   Once we got set up at camp it was time to crack the top off a few beers and wait for a call from the girls coming up from Brissy with the kids in my 2000 NL Pajero.

By the time they arrived it was dark and tide coming up fast. We head back to camp dodging the surf, got hit by a few good waves.  It was all good fun. That night we had a few drinks the girls enjoyed the 5 star toilets ( flushing compost toilets ).

Up early the next morning we drove up to explore the old fort bribie and slide down a few dunes. Then we headed back to camp and settled down for the day.

Next day was fathers day, the wife and kids cooked me a great breakfast. We were leaving this day so the the dredded packing up was undertaken with little drama. We decided to head back on the inland track.

We headed up to the beach and found the track and off we went. I had expected a pretty easy trip. Well it didnt happen 22kms of soft sand (could have used a pair of Tough Tracks!) the Pajero made it all right but the Triton towing a trailer did it tough and got stuck constantly. Alot of snatching and swearing and 4hrs later we made it to sealed road. All in all great family weekend nice and close to Brissy.

- David Campbell.