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Double Island Point - Nearly Washed Away

Double Island Point - Nearly Washed Away

Our friends and us both set out to Double Island towing our jet skis, our friend being the 'ultimate big headed 4wder' was in front, the tide was coming in and there was a low track which the wave were sometimes covering and a high track in the sand dunes.

He decided to take the high track, then got worried he was going to slide off the bank (as the erosion was really bad) and stopped.  He caused himself and us behind him to get bogged (his car was a brand new FJ). Lucky for us we were not precariously placed on the cliff part of the dune.

In the end it took us 3 hours and about 6 other people to get us out. We had to get him out by waiting for the tide and then digging out the dune and sliding the car off the ledge..needless to say it nearly rolled. We then had to unbog the jet ski trailers as well.

All in all a total waste of a day as we only got about 30mins of skiing in! That was the last time we are ever going 4wding with him!

- Kathy Carey