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Glasshouse Mountains

If you live close or nearby Brisbane in QLD, then the Glasshouse Mountains are every man's 4wd dream!  You simply must visit this great national park area located just north of Brisbane with countless tracks to explore in an easy day trip.

With heaps of opportunities to test your 4x4 in all kinds of conditions, the Glasshouse Mountains has some great areas of steep inclines, rutted out tracks, big mud holes and other neat little tracks.

Once you've been there, you'll be heading out to Glasshouse every chance you get as it has some of the most amazing 4wding you'll find, especially this close to Brissy.  It's the kind of place you can visit numerous times, and still not see it all.  With some excellent forrestry tracks and the opportunity for scenic views, it's not to be missed.

The Glasshouse simply has something for any keen 4wder, if it be your daily driving 4wd with little to no modifications to the most extreme of Four Wheel drives you will find so many challenging yet achievable tracks. The track conditions regularly change in the Glasshouse also, so be wary even of a track you have travelled once before may be completely unpassable in wet weather.

When planning your day trip to the Glasshouse we always recommend having at a bare minimum one recovery vehicle, the appropriate recovery gear and be leaving our have a very good understanding of what route to take out before night fall. As the Glasshouse is so large you can easily find yourself completely lost in no time at all if you’re not common to the area, and trying to find your way out at night will more often than not lead to vehicle damage or worse.

If you are going to the Glasshouse for the first time, I highly recommend not going if there has been much rain in the area recently as much of the terrain is clay and becomes almost all-together un-drivable.

Head North from Brisbane travelling along the Bruce highway Take the left onto Steve Irwin Way then left again on Bahrs Rd, travel along Bahrs Rd for about 5 minuets then take any left and you will find yourself in amongst the thick of the some of the most amazing 4wding you will ever do.

We've posted a map showing some of the best 4wding locations amongst the Glasshouse Mountains. This map was put together and managed by Tory Green and you can contact him via email at:

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