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My day at Wamuran

While we were toughing it at Wamuran, It was just myself and my fiancee in my GW v200. We were going through some pretty hairy forestry so i decided to take the open track which lead me to a few not too deep mud holes until i got to the last one.

Where i found out i had punctured 2 day old A/T passenger tyre. As it was the first time i had changed a tyre on this Ute i felt quick thrilled until i was finished and went through the last puddle. We ended up getting bogged for 30mins, sticking logs and rocks until the tyres to try and get out. I finally got out after putting a dead tree trunk under the front driver wheel.

This was a great time that i wish i had some Tough Tracks. I now take some old 4x4 tyres that i got off a mate when he got a new set. So i can drive over them when im stuck. Im sure some Tracks would be easier and a lot less space to have.

- Kingsley Gordon