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BMW made their name as a luxury car manufacturer, and that didn't change when they entered the 4wd market in 1999 with the first generation X5. The latest models have been joined by the X3 and X6, and all of them are definitely luxury vehicles. That doesn't mean they're for town use only though. With their powerful engines and advanced 4wd technology, any one of them will do just fine for touring or off roading.

Of course you probably don't want to get your BMW's nice interior all dirty, and having it stuck on a muddy track wouldn't be great either. If you're using it for touring you'll want your camps to be as comfortable as the vehicle, too. That's when you start looking for high quality accessories to get the performance you want, and the first place you should look is Tough Toys. We're 4wd enthusiasts, and what motivated us to start supplying accessories was how hard it can be to find good ones. We've put together a range of the best gear we can find and we make it available throughout Australia at the lowest possible prices. Whatever you need for your BMW 4wd – recovery gear, camping equipment or some protection from the worst Australia can throw at it – we have it.

We stock a range of gear to help keep your BMW clean and tidy whatever you're doing. Protect your carpets with deep pan floor mats moulded from tough PVC. Whatever you get on your boots these will keep it safely contained. Our gear bag does the same for wet or dirty recovery kit.

Talking about recovery kit, we have loads of that. When you need to tow someone out of a sticky patch – or get towed out yourself – a proper snatch strap is a much better option than a cheap rope. Take a damper along as well, to keep things safe when you're using your strap. An exhaust jack jets you lift your BMW out of soft ground and takes a lot of the effort out of changing wheels too.

Tough Toys have some of the best camping gear you'll find. Our awnings are quick and simple to set up and come in a range of sizes. They take optional mozzie nets and come with LED lighting as standard. We also have vehicle fridges, cooking gear and lots more. Basically, whatever you need to fit out your BMW for off road adventures, we have it.

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