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BMW call their X6 a "Sports Activity Coupe," and it's a pretty sporty looking machine. In fact at first glance it doesn't look much like a 4wd at all. Don't write it off though. It's based on the same platform as their successful X5, and while it doesn't have the looks of an off road vehicle there's plenty of performance there if you fancy using it. With the right kit an X6 is a great vehicle for some stylish touring and it's easily capable of getting across rough ground to wherever you want to be.

Tough Toys specialise in getting you the kit you need for any activity that involves 4wd vehicles. We love getting off road ourselves, so we know exactly what's needed for a fun and safe experience. We track down the best gear and sell it online at the best prices. We can deliver all over Australia, too, so when you want to get your X6 equipped for anything we're the obvious people to go to.

The first step in fitting out an off road vehicle is recovery gear. We know - it's not very exciting. You'll be glad of it when you get stuck though, and if you spend a lot of time off road youwillget stuck. That's when you'll find that the BMW jack and a standard tow rope might be OK for changing a wheel or towing a mate to the garage, but they're not a lot of use for getting you out of the mud. Get yourself a decent snatch strap or two, and at least one pair of recovery tracks. We recommend a folding shovel and an exhaust jack, too.

Camping is another part of touring that makes you realise the value of good gear. It's possible to fit roof bar son an X6, so one of our Tough awnings is an option, but a lot of people don't think an awning does a lot for the car's looks. We can see their point, so you might want to go for a standard tent instead. It's not as roomy of course, and it takes up space in the vehicle… maybe you want an awning after all. Not carrying a tent also frees up enough space for one of our Bushpower fridges – the 30 litre size will fit in the back of an X6, and lets you carry a supply of cold drinks as well as all the makings of a proper barbie.

Don't forget all the little extras that make camping a better experience. If you're worried about wrecking your phone or tablet protect it with a tough, waterproof Aricase. Get some deep dish floor mats to protect your carpets. Create safe drinking water with a LifeSaver jerrycan. Whatever you're looking for to enjoy the ultimate 4wd experience, Tough Toys can help you out.

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