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The BMW 3 Series is the world's best selling medium luxury car, and the X3 uses the same platform as the basis for a crossover style 4wd. It's a bit of a soft roader, and you wouldn't want to throw it at the same challenges as a Land Cruiser or a Ute, but it's a good choice for touring and easily handles some moderate off road driving. It certainly has the guts to get along most tracks, and if you get it properly kitted out you can do a lot in an X3.

Check out Tough Toys and you'll find everything you need to get your X3 ready for the wilds. We've been driving 4wds for years and we've learned a lot about the sort of accessories you need. Now we've put together a great range of the best quality gear. We sell online so you'll get the best prices, and convenient delivery all over Australia too.

When you go touring in a vehicle like the X3 one of your priorities is going to be keeping the vehicle in good condition. It's a nicely fitted out wagon and you don't want the interior to end up looking like a sheep pen. Protect your carpets with deep dish floor mats, which keep dirt together where it's not going to do any harm and you can get rid of it easily.

A common way people damage their vehicles is by using the wrong recovery gear when they get stuck. The X3 is powerful and has some impressive traction technology, but there's always a chance of driving into something you can't get out of. That's when you need a good snatch strap to haul you out, as well as an exhaust jack and some recovery tracks. Having decent recovery gear with you means you can get yourself back on the move in no time, and you're a lot less likely to break anything in the process.

If you're touring in an X3 you'll be having a pretty comfortable time of it. It's a well fitted out vehicle with a lot of luxury touches. Make sure your evening camp is as comfy as your 4wd is. Tough Toys have a great selection of camping gear for you, from bottle openers right up to our Tough awnings. These are the perfect choice for your main camping shelter. They're easy to fit to your roof bars and set up in minutes to give you a huge covered space. You can add on mozzie nets or tent walls for even more protection. Our awnings have some great extra features too, like LED lighting mounted on the frame. There's no more messing about with lanterns or flashlights – just get it set up and plug in the cable. Then you can relax under it with a cold brew – we also have Bushpower compact fridge freezers – and enjoy the great outdoors the way it's meant to be enjoyed.

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