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The X5 was BMW's first attempt at a 4wd vehicle and it's the one that's most serious about off road capability. Based on the chassis of the 5 Series, it adds in improved suspension, a roomy body, a lot of clever technology designed to help cross country performance and a range of powerful engines. Some of the technology came from Land Rover, and nobody ever criticised their off road abilities. A well equipped X5 makes an excellent choice for touring, and at Tough Toys we have everything you need to get yours well equipped. You'll love our prices too.

You probably won't want to fit your X5 out with the winch, lightbars and other heavy duty gear that hard core 4wd enthusiasts go for (although we can help you out if you do) but we have all the recovery kit and camping gear you need, as well as a bunch of little extras to help you along.

Recovery equipment should be your first priority when getting kitted out for off road driving, and we have a great range. We stock straps, shackles and other gear from Mean Mother as well as our own high quality items. Exhaust jacks are the easiest way to get your vehicle off the ground, and because they don't try to bury themselves under load they're ideal for recovery from soft ground too. The other essential for soft ground is recovery tracks, and we have a selection that includes Sand Lizards, Escape Buddy and the awesome Treds.

Of course you're a lot less likely to get stuck if you know exactly where you're going and what the ground is like. Before setting off on a trip make sure you have good quality maps and guidebooks to cover your planned route. In-car navigation systems are great, but they can go wrong – you're better navigating from a map and using the GPS to check your work. We have Hema maps for the whole of Australia, and they're bursting with great information. In fact they're worth buying just for the photos.

If you want to camp in comfort at the end of the day you're going to need a good shelter, and it's hard to beat one of our Tough awnings. We have some of the biggest awnings you'll find anywhere and they have a few little extras, too – LED lighting, for example, and a reflective layer to keep you cool on the sunniest day.

Of course there are a whole load of other things that will make your trips more enjoyable, from vehicle fridges to bottle openers. We have the lot, and we can deliver all over Australia. We're all ready to help you get your X5 ready for anything.

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