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The Defender is Land Rover's classic product. Used by armies all over the world and popular with farmers, it's a basic and rugged 4x4 that can go anywhere. When the SASR were looking for a long-range patrol vehicle the one they chose was based on the Defender. You're never going to look round the interior of a Defender and think you're in a limo, but if you need a tough vehicle that can haul itself over any terrain, take a few hard knocks and keep on going it might be just what you're looking for.

Like we said, the Defender's a basic vehicle. As standard it'll cover a lot of ground, but you can get plenty more out of it with the right accessories. Let's look at some of the ways you can boost your Defender's performance with quality accessories from Tough Toys.

Go farther

The Defender's well known for its boxy outline. Under those squared-off panels there's an indestructible ladder frame chassis fitted with the big springs and tough transmission that give the Defender its legendary off-road performance, but there's also a lot of empty space. That's great news for you, because you can fit a lot more fuel in there.

We sell Brown Davis long-range and auxiliary fuel tanks for all 110 and 130 Defender models. The standard tank takes 75 litres of fuel; our long-range models hold 130 litres. They're easy to fit, too. You don't need to modify the vehicle, just dismount the original tank and bolt in the new one. Any good mechanic can do it in less than three hours. Still not enough for you? Then add an auxiliary tank for another 80 litres, with the option of a pump-back system to automatically transfer fuel to the main tank.

Go anywhere

The Defender's a big, heavy vehicle and it can plough through deep water easily. It doesn't help when the engine's trying to breathe water, though. Sort that out with one of our Safari snorkels. Easily fitted and fully sealed, these tough snorkels move the air intake to the top of the windscreen pillar so you'll run out of air before the engine does. Snorkels also work well in very dusty conditions. Most of the dust is close to the ground, so by bringing in air from higher up the air filter stays cleaner.

Unlike a lot of lifestyle 4x4s a Defender is really built for off-road work. Everything underneath is as strong as possible, cutting the chances of a rock or branch breaking something. The outback's a harsh place, though, as anyone who's been there knows, and some extra protection never hurts. We stock Brown Davis Underguards to fix that for you. Built from 3mm rolled steel, an Underguard puts an armoured shell between your sump and drive shafts and whatever's out there waiting to rip them off. It's easily fitted, and every bolt hole is reinforced with an extra layer of steel to make sure it stays on.

Go any time

When you're crossing rough ground in the dark you need as much light as you can get. Headlamps are fine, but they're mounted low and they can get dirty. Adding more light from a different angle makes it easier to spot rocks and holes, too. We supply a range of high quality light bars to show you exactly what's out front. Based on LED technology to stand the battering of any terrain, they're immune to blown bulbs.

Tough Toys accessories don't just help when you're on the move. Our range of awnings, tents and mozzie nets mount easily on your Defender to give you plenty of living space once you've stopped. We even have our own brand of neoprene can and stubby coolers. These aren't just insulating sleeves; soak them with water and put your stubby out of the sun but where the wind can get at it, and you'll be drinking cold beer in the hottest desert.

Whatever you need for your Land Rover Defender, Tough Toys can supply it. Selling online lets us give you the best possible discounts, and you can order round the clock from anywhere in Australia. Check out our range today.

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