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The Land Rover Evoque came as a surprise to a lot of the company's fans; unlike previous Land Rovers it's aimed squarely at urban drivers, and doesn't have much of a family resemblance to classic models like the Defender, Range Rover or Discovery. Smaller and sportier looking, the model range includes coupe and convertible models. These aren't exactly your typical manly looking off roader, so it's easy to write the Evoque off as a toy. That would be a mistake though. It's lightweight and powerful, and hiding inside are Land Rover's latest all terrain traction systems. Evoques have already performed well in a few off road competitions and even the British Top Gear programme were impressed at how well it can get down and dirty.

Of course the Evoque, like its big brother the Range Rover, is basically a luxury car that can go off road. If you're planning on doing some touring in it you'll want to make sure you're not going to mess it up in the process. Some quality accessories fro Tough Toys can help out there. Tough Toys is a specialist supplier run by and for 4wd enthusiasts, and we aim to help you find the best equipment at the best price. That means if you're looking at fitting out your Evoque we're the best place to start.

With what you paid for your Evoque, and how nice the interior is, you're not going to want mud and sand all over it. Luckily deep dish isn't just for pizzas; we have deep dish floor mats, too. Made from tough PVC, these come with a lip to collect anything that falls off your boots and keep it well clear of your carpets. Our gear bag will catch any drips or splatters from your recovery equipment and a seat organiser gives you loads of pockets to keep small gear tidy.

Take an Evoque off road and you'll be amazed at how hard it is to get it bogged in – it might not look like a battered old Ute but it can keep going like one. It's not impossible though, and sooner or later you're going to find yourself up to the axles in something soft. If your gear bag holds a couple of Treds sand channels and a folding shovel you can get yourself out of that. Add a pair of snatch straps, some shackles and an exhaust jack and you'll be ready for anything.

The Evoque has a different image from most of the 4wds we're used to, but there's no doubt it has pretty impressive performance. Get it properly fitted out and it'll be as at home in the Outback as it is on Jutland Parade.

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