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Land Rover have nothing to prove when it comes to off road vehicles. Just ask the SASR – their Perentie long range patrol vehicles are 6x6 versions of the Defender. Military Land Rovers can be a bit on the basic side though, and if you like to travel in a bit more comfort the Discovery is probably more your thing. Being fitted out with a few luxuries – a heater that works, for example, and a roof that keeps the rain out – doesn't mean the Discovery loses out when it goes off road, though. The basic mechanicals aren't all that different from the Defender so it'll go pretty much anywhere, and with a few well chosen upgrades it can do even better. You'll find the best Land Rover upgrades at Tough Toys, because as keen off roaders we know exactly what you're looking for and that's just what we supply. You'll also like our prices, and we can ship to you anywhere in Australia. Whatever you need to get the best performance from your Disco, Tough Toys is the answer.

The SASR take their vehicles on some very long drives, way beyond what any normal 4wd could manage. You'll be able to give them a run for their money if you install a long-range fuel tank from Brown Davis or Longrange Automotive. These simply replace the factory tank with a much larger one using the same mountings, so it's an easy job for any mechanic. We also have auxiliary tanks for the Series 2 Discovery, so if you have one of those you can boost your fuel load to a massive 197 litres.

A great thing about the Discovery is there's plenty space in the back, so you can carry a lot of gear to make your camps more comfortable. Hey, what about a fridge? Fit a Uneek4x4 fridge slide and you'll be able to stash one away at the back of your load compartment, then slide it out on rollers when you need to get into it. The slide will also keep it secure even when you're bounding along a rutted trail, so there's no risk of it falling over and breaking all your stubbies.

Military Land Rovers have a snorkel kit to let them wade deep water. Fit a Safari snorkel and your Discovery can do that too. These snorkels are Australian made from top quality materials and give any vehicle a really capable look as well as working great. They're not just good in water, either; dust, snow, you name it – they'll keep it outside where it belongs.

When you reach your destination and settle down to enjoy your camp one of our Tough awnings is the quickest and easiest way to set up some shelter. You can set it up in minutes, and once you've done that you'll have a sturdy roof that's reflective coated to keep you cool and strong enough to fend off an attacking drop bear. They even have built in LED lighting so you don't have to mess about with flashlights when it gets dark.

There's a whole list of other stuff for your Discovery available at Tough Toys. Recovery gear, maps, CB radios, water storage and filtration kit, you name it – if it's going to help you explore Australia, we have it.

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