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Range Rover

The Range Rover went on sale in 1970, as a more comfortable alternative to the standard Land Rover. Land Rovers at the time were all pretty basic and most of them went to farmers or the military, but the company reckoned there was a market for a 4wd vehicle you'd actually want to drive. This didn't mean the Range Rover was impractical, of course – early ones had an interior you could wash clean with a hose. They've changed a lot since then and got a lot more luxurious, but underneath they're still Land Rovers and they can still get off road with the best of them.

Of course newer Range Rovers are real luxury cars, so as standard they're not completely ideal for taking to dirty places. Before you go off road you'll probably want to add some extra gear to help them handle the rough and tumble. That's when you should turn to Tough Toys. Run by and for Australia's 4wd enthusiasts, we've put together a great collection of accessories at unbeatable prices and you can order from anywhere in the country. We stock everything you need to enjoy successful touring in your Range Rover.

OK, we mentioned dirty places. If your Range Rover is still looking good you probably don't want to mess up the inside with your dirty boots after you've been checking out a muddy patch to make sure you can get through. What you need is deep dish floor mats. Moulded from tough PVC, these have a raised lip to keep mud and sand inside, so your carpets are safe from whatever you've been wading in. You probably don't want wet, dirty recovery kit inside either, but that's no problem. Just stuff it in a Tough gear bag, which fits over a rear-mounted spare wheel if you have one and can get thrown in the back if you don't. It's big, tough and waterproof and will keep your gear together and your Range Rover clean.

Talking about recovery gear, a Range Rover's pretty big and if it does get stuck off road you'll want something better than the standard tool kit to help you get it out again. We have a full range of snatch straps and tow shackles to assist in getting pulled free, as well as sand channels to help you get out of soft patches. We'd also recommend adding an exhaust jack. Stick one of these under your vehicle, fit the hose over the exhaust and it'll effortlessly lift up to 4 tons as it inflates. Unlike a normal jack it works just as well on soft ground and it's a lot less work to use, too.

Owning a Range Rover is all about being off road in comfort, and we also have a full range of camping equipment to help you with that. Awnings, cookers, water storage and filtering equipment, mozzie nets – even stubbie coolers. Tough Toys have exactly the stuff you need to turn your Range Rover from a great vehicle into an awesome one.

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