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Bunker Indst Recovery Traction Boards - A note worthy competitor

Bunker Indst Recovery Traction Boards - A note worthy competitor

If you’re new to the 4wd scene then you likely haven’t invested in a set of recovery boards yet and the amount of now readily available brands will have you questioning which ones you should invest your money into.
We recently got the chance to test out the Bunker Indust Recovery Traction Boards on the tracks and were impressed with their value for money that exceeded expectations.

Gone are the days where you need to take a shovel along with you offroad. The Bunker Industries recovery traction boards double as a recovery shovel using the nose of the board to dig any excess sand or mud away from the tyre. This is made easy with the boards having handles along the outer edge to hold while digging or making carrying them a breeze.

They come in 3 stylish colours; Red, Grey or Black and are sold in pairs with orange lashings for easy retrieval of your recovery boards after use.  

Not everyone wants to or has the capacity to instal a recovery track holder to their roof so the Bunker Indust recovery traction boards come with a sturdy black storage bag, but don’t worry its not like fighting a tent back into a severely undersized bag! It is a great size and zips up easily with 2 carrying straps to make transferring it from garage to car at each 4wd trip easy to do.

One of the features of the Bunker Indust Recovery Traction Boards that caught our attention is the mid-section on the board that allows you to have a flat solid surface to place a jack on. Often times when offroad the unfortunate happens and you find yourself with a tyre puncture or worse and the bush mechanics begins. Though its rarely the case that these things go wrong while on the bitumen or solid surface and that’s where the Bunker Industries Recovery Boards come into play by creating a solid surface for your vehicle jack even on those soft sandy surfaces.

Using the Bunker Indust Recovery Boards was simple. When stuck in the soft sand we first used the recovery boards as a shovel to move the excess sand away from the tyres which was made easy with the lighter weight of the Bunker Traction Recovery Boards.
We then placed the recovery board in front on the tyres ready for vehicle recovery. Once in place it was just a matter of slowly driving the vehicle up onto the traction board which pulls the traction board down creating a solid base to free the vehicle at the same time ensuring to reduce wheel spin on the boards.
Recovery was quick and easy with the Bunker Traction Recovery Boards and they withstood the recovery process with no missing lugs to report.

It’s worth noting that These tracks are wide enough to easily accommodate 33” and 35” tyres commonly used on 4wds.

Cleaning the Bunker Recovery Traction Boards was as simple as pressure washing them at the end of the day and they are looking like new!

The Bunker Recovery Traction Boards are a note worthy competitor that deserves your consideration when choosing what recovery boards to add to your offroad equipment.