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4wd Adventures


There aren't many countries with the variety of terrain that Australia has, and that makes it maybe the best place in the world to be a 4x4 enthusiast. You can explore ancient forests, pick your way along mountain tracks, traverse sand dunes or cruise along under a big sky in the outback. Head off for an afternoon or plan a multi-day expedition, it's up to you - Australia has it all.


Of course that means there is a problem - working out what to do. You'll have your own favourite places to go, and we all get suggestions from mates, but there are still plenty of great trips we could make that we'll never find out about. Here's some good news, though - Map makers Hema have come up with a book to help you out.

4WD Adventures lists 100 trips you can make in your 4x4. They're all broken down and colour-coded to help you choose the ones that suit your vehicle, and ones where you can take a caravan or trailer are marked, too. These routes were put together by some of Australia's top 4x4 enthusiasts and travel experts, people like Ian Glover, Chris Boden, Andrew Hemming, Owen Peake, Mike and Jane Pelusey, Allan Whiting and Vic Widman, so you know they're going to be good. Anyone who's used Hema regional maps will know how much information they can pack in with easy to follow symbols and you'll find that here, too; camp sites, fuel supplies and plenty more is marked up for you. Each route is shown on an inset map with all the detail you need, and to get you to the start point they include a complete road atlas. If you just like to jump in your truck and head off somewhere interesting you really need this book.

Australia 4WD Adventures Atlas : A4 Spiral Bound : Hema

Size: 215x297mm (A4) Ring bound
Pages: 464
Edition: 1st
Published: 2012
ISBN: 9781865006192

4wd Adventures Spiral

Discover Australia's Top 100 Journeys.

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