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Brown Davis Underguard Review

Brown Davis Underguard 4x4 Review

Brown Davis for Underbody Protection

Think about the unpleasant situation of your vehicle’s underbody getting badly damaged and the immediate need to be repaired during the course of your trip. Those who drive on uneven roads and bumps, there are every chance that the vehicle’s underside gets damaged.  When the vehicles bottom hits the rugged terrain, sometimes the radiator gets damaged or the tail shaft gets tangled with logs or even the crank case may hit on hard rock. If you happen to be in an unfamiliar and lonely area then things would be very difficult for you to find a mechanic to repair the damages. So, I suggest when on with such type of explorations, it is better to equip your vehicle with underbody protection.

Underbody protection manufactured by Brown Davis is designed to shield the underside of the vehicle. The bullet proof armor manufactured by the company is the finest of its kind available in the market.  This protection system, made out of specially imported Aluminized steel covers the possible under carriage damages.  The experience and engineering skills combined at Brown Davis produces classic underbody shield for your vehicle.  When fitted with such a system, you are sure to negotiate any uneven rough terrain fearlessly.  

The Aluminized steel shield with black satin powder coating gives an impressive look to the undercover. The protection guard made of imported solid steel is of 3mm coated with aluminum.  Welding is done as per Australian Standard AS-1554 to provide it with a clinically perfect shape.   The protective guards are supplied along with the fitting kits.  High tensile 8.8 fasteners provided along with the kit are excellent in quality.

Generally the under guards can be used to protect as a Fuel tank guard, Transmission guard, Front guard and Transfer case protection.

  • Fuel tank guard: In exceptional cases you need to fix Fuel tank guard when not using Fuel tank made by Brown Davis.  This protection gear is made of solid Steel that is aluminum coated.
  • Transmission guard: When fixed under the transmission gear box, transmission guard protects the possible damages that may hit the area.  This guard is ideally designed to protect the possible damages to gear box and transmission shaft. The design is extended from front guard protector.
  • Front guard: Front guard is ideal to protect the possible damages to tie rod and differentials, steering box, radiators and intercoolers.  You can mount the guard beneath the crank case so that it can give extra protection to a possible crank case damage while negotiating through rough terrain.
  • Transfer case guard:  This is mounted with the chassis and can also be fitted directly to the transfer box.  This is very useful to protect the transfer case.

The manufacturer, Brown Davis is an ISO 9001 certified company who always manage to meet the strict quality and service criteria. The company uses the latest welding technologies, computer aided cutting and pressing devises to give a perfect shape to the underbody shield.  The product quality is the best that is available in the market today.

Brown Davis Underguards

The rugged world of off road four wheel driving can punish the chassis, drivetrain and undercar components of even the toughest off road vehicles. The Brown Davis range of Underguards® is bullet proof armour for the underside of your off road machine.

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