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Tough Gear Bag Review

Your 4x4 can take you through some pretty rough ground. All wheel drive and powerful engines, combined with a rugged chassis and all your favourite accessories, mean there aren't a lot of places you can't go. You can explore some of Australia's most spectacular scenery, challenge yourself with rock-hopping and water crossings and carry all the gear you need for a comfortable camp at the end of the day.

Of course one thing you'll find is that getting out and about means you end up with a lot of wet or filthy gear. Your passengers won't thank you for dumping wet tow straps in the back with them, and muddy TREDs aren't the sort of stuff you want to have dripping all over your sleeping bag either. The problem is, cleaning and drying all your gear every time you use it can take up a lot of time. Often it isn't even practical. If it's tipping down with rain you're not going to be able to get stuff dry. What you need is a way to carry messy kit without bringing it inside your vehicle.

Now you can relax, because Tough Toys have a solution. Our gear bag straps securely over your spare tyre, but folds up flat when not in use. It's built like a rucksack, with a huge main compartment and three smaller pockets round the sides and front. Even the side pockets are roomy enough to hold straps, shackles and other small gear, and the main bag will easily take a water crossing bra, TREDs and plenty more. All your wet and muddy kit stays secure without needing to strap it down to a rook rack; just dump it in, close the flaps and you're good to go. It also stays easily accessible, so whether you need it again or you want to clean and re-stow it when you stop for the night it's right to hand.

Our gear bag is made from heavy duty nylon with double stitched seams and strap attachment points, so there's no chance of it falling off the wheel or leaving a trail of kit behind you. As long as you have a rear mounted spare it fits on any vehicle, and it has a huge capacity for stuff. Even if you don't plan on getting wet and muddy it can be used to give you extra storage space; kit like sleeping bags and air beds are light but bulky, and take up a lot of space inside your wagon. Now you have a way to carry them securely without cramming them into the back. This is an amazingly simple bit of gear, but we think you'll find it amazingly useful too.

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