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Safari Snorkel 4x4 Review

The Importance of Safari Snorkels

What is the importance of Snorkels in automobiles?  Well, if you are an off road driving enthusiast you will definitely think about Snorkels.  This concept is developed from the inevitable requirements to protect 4 Wheel Drive vehicle while negotiating tough off road terrains.  Snorkels are used to protect from water and hazardous dusts in to the engines of 4 wheel drive vehicles.  There are array of snorkel products available in the market, but my search for a genuine snorkel product ended with Safari Snorkel Systems.

Safari Snorkels are made out of tough, robust, cross linked polyethylene substance that are UV stable.   These products help deliver smooth performance of the engine.  The unique sealing features of snorkels resist water from entering into the engine while negotiating through river crossing, driving through water or torrential rain.  Hence, this extra fitting lets the 4 wheel drive have a trouble free performance during your endurance.

Safari Snorkels are perfect in cooling the engine.   Engines absorb hot air from the surrounding area leading to a kind of hostile condition to the engine.  So, when the snorkel is fitted to the vehicle, it helps the engine get cool and clean air.  These actions further help in performing the engine to its optimum level.  The effortless performance of engine will have technical and fuel efficiency.   Let us not confuse with the idea that by fixing a snorkel one can use the vehicle as a submarine!  Again a vehicle fitted with Safari Snorkels with it its outstanding sealed ability is to protect your vehicle from any water penetration.  Every snorkel product of Safari is manufactured to meet superior quality sealing.

‘Charger Air Rams’ are another snorkel from Safari that is superior and is a very efficient water barrier or separator.  This is designed to remove the water content from the air stream entering into the engine during rain or snowy conditions.  The snorkel works like a breaker of water and drains out water through its drainage slots.  This snorkel can be rotated hence can be fixed suitably positioning to the air direction.  This is a good tool to protect your vehicle form possible damages while driving during heavy rain and snow falls. Hence, it is highly suitable in wet climatic conditions.

Among all competitors Safari Snorkel has wide market acceptability due to its performance and product durability.   The snorkel is made of high quality polyethylene and carbon black as a dry blend.  The homogeneous structure of Safari Snorkel works exceptionally well against UV impact.  Because of these facts its mechanical performances are steady.  High quality UV20 graded Australian polyethylene materials with special additives are used to manufacture these snorkels.  The connecting hoses used to connect the snorkel system can withstand a temperature more than 100 degree Celsius. The compound that has been used to manufacture the snorkel connection hoses has the ability to resist extreme temperature and vibration. The products- snorkels, and charger air rams manufactured by Safari Snorkels are the real life companions meant to deliver a long life service and is worth for the money that one invests in.

Safari Snorkels

Pioneered in Australia in the early 1980's, Safari Snorkels were born out of a need to protect 4WD engines from the hazards of dust and water commonly encountered in touring and off road applications.

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