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Tough Water Crossing Bra Review

Tough Water Crossing Bra

Talk about off-road driving and usually people are talking about rugged things like tyres, winches and armoured light bars. So where does a bra come in? You might have joined the wrong conversation here, mate.

Hang on, though. One great thing about 4x4s is that you're not stopped by little things like rivers. If you have a decent snorkel you can just plough right through without stopping. It's not only practical; it's fun. The problem is it stops being fun in a hurry when something goes wrong.

The key to getting yourself through water is to keep a steady speed and build up a nice even bow wave in front of you. Get it right and you'll splash on through easily. Get it wrong and water will flood into your engine bay. That probably won't bother you if you have a 1960s Land Rover, but any modern vehicle has a lot of electronics in there. It's usually pretty well protected against splashes but a sudden surge of water can make a real mess. The usual result is you're left stuck in the middle of the water feeling stupid, and with no electrics you can't even use your winch to haul yourself out. It's embarrassing, it's expensive to fix and it can be dangerous; how are you going to get out the vehicle if the water's fast enough to knock you over?

At Tough Toys we don't like things that stop us from going where we want, so we've gone into lingerie design. The Tough Toys Water Crossing Bra covers the front of your vehicle with a sturdy layer of heavy duty polyester/PVC fabric. It prevents water sloshing in through your grille or under the bumper, and it also creates a smooth profile which helps in building up an even bow wave. All the edges are double stitched, so it's nearly indestructible, and side cords let you adjust it to fit just about any model. Drain holes along the bottom quickly get rid of any water that gets in and there's a handy bag on the front to store recovery equipment, letting you get to it easily.

The Water Crossing Bra should only be fitted during crossings. Driving with it on can cause overheating by blocking the airflow into the engine compartment. That's not a worry, though, because we've designed it with quick release straps that fit round your wing mirrors. You can get it on or off the vehicle in a couple of minutes, and when it's not in use it packs away in its own storage bag.

If you need to get across a water feature this is a great bit of kit. It's simple, effective and easy to use, and it'll have you plunging into rivers with confidence. If you want to go anywhere, get a bra. You know it makes sense.

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